Do you have an Australian partner (Australian citizen or permanent resident) and are living together or are planning to move together in the near future?

If your answer is yes, you must apply soon for your Partner Visa!

The partner visa has 77,000 places again this year till June 2022 and may be granted quickly as Immigration has been granting so many visas in the last year which ended 30 June 2021.

Be quick – there is the chance new regulations will start for the partner visa in November 2021 so apply soon. 

You don’t need to have 12 months living together and we can show you the right strategies now! Our team of Migration Agents has vast experience with Australian migration law. To be able to help you we need to check your Migration Eligibility. Let us help you!

Book your consultation with one of our registered Migration agents.

During the consultation:


– We will discuss the visa in more detail and further assess your profile in terms of migration eligibility.

-We will provide you a Migration Master Plan

-Unlimited questions after the consultation if you need this.

-The consultation fee will be deducted from your visa application.

-Learn your eligibility and requirements

-Discover tips and best practises to increase your chances of approval

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