Harmony Week: A Journey Through Australia’s Multicultural Tapestry

As Harmony Week approaches, it beckons us to reflect on the profound significance of diversity in shaping Australia’s cultural landscape. This journey through the myriad statistics and insights not only illuminates the richness of our multicultural society but also underscores the importance of Harmony Week in fostering unity, understanding, and inclusivity.  Why Harmony Week Matters  […]

The Migration Strategy

Summary Of Australia’s Migration Strategy Roadmap Australia’s Migration Strategy is a comprehensive initiative aimed at shaping the country’s migration system for the upcoming decades. Five core objectives serve as the foundation for the strategy, and eight key actions are designed to target and achieve these objectives: Core Objectives: Raising the Standard of Living for All […]

Strengthening Regional Australia: Ministerial Direction No.105

Introduction: Many regional areas face challenges in attracting and retaining skilled workers across various industries, including agriculture, healthcare, education, and manufacturing. The reasons behind these shortages are multifaceted and can include factors such as a smaller population base, limited access to amenities, and a perception of fewer career opportunities compared to urban areas. Recent reports […]

The Existing Skills Shortage and Road to Recovery

A walk through some of the small businesses in the western suburbs of Sydney paints a dire image of what’s in store for business across Australia; foreclosure signs and rampant staff advertisements are just the tips of the iceberg.  We were among the lucky countries that continued to grow during the pandemic, despite various bottlenecks […]

Forget racism, let’s do it like they do in Darwin

Having recently soaked up the warmth in Darwin for a few days last month, it wasn’t just the sunshine that gladdened my heart. I went there with my family to participate in the Kindness Shake festival set up by international students who wanted to demonstrate their contribution to Australian society while celebrating the diverse and […]

Red tape is strangling our international student education industry

It’s hard to believe that with a job for every person in the unemployment queue in Australia that we’d turn away anyone with skills. If you’ve tried being served a coffee in a coastal town or been unlucky to be on the 50% of delayed or cancelled flights around Australia these past school holidays, you’ll […]

15 years of MMMigration and Recruitment

Founded by Melanie Macfarlane in 2007, MMMigration & Recruitment has been committed to supporting and enabling migrants to gain permanent residence in Australia for over 15 years.     Helping people to achieve their potential and contributing to the creation of a unified world has always been our priority. From students, individuals, and families to small businesses […]

The Visa Backlog and Its Implication for Australia

June, the Australian Financial Review reported the backlog for regional skilled worker visas to be around 16,400, with the processing timeline now extended to more than 19 months for half of all the potential migrants seeking to come to Australia. In a recent interview with Kimberly Pilbara-ABC Mornings, our CEO and Principal Migration Agent Melanie […]

Migration Update – Federal Budget

The Skilled stream has had its quota almost doubled as part of the Australian economy’s recovery. Skilled stream visas will account for 70% of the program with a total of 109,900 places.  Skilled Stream Planning levels  Visa stream  2022-23  2021-22  Employer sponsored  30,000  22,000  Skilled Independent  16,652  6,500  State and Territory Nominated  20,000  11,200  Regional visas  25,000  11,200  Business and Innovation […]

Pandemic panic or war in the Ukraine, something has to give

Whilst the world’s focus has shifted from pandemic to the war in the Ukraine and the ongoing impacts of Australia’s inclement weather, the country is still suffering from the previous pandemic panic mode of the government and bureaucracy. The Probuild fiasco is only the first indication that actions taken in the pandemic are going to […]