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It is important that you have received an email from MMMigration & Recruitment, which will allow you to register and enable access to our document upload platform. If you do not receive an email, please contact one of our advisors.



Employers we already work with at MMMigration regularly tell us that they love sponsoring migrants to work for them as they are such motivated, highly skilled and hard-working candidates.  There is no doubt that sponsorship forms a bond between employer and sponsored employee, and this can be an absolute positive as it ensures that the sponsored staff will do all they can to further their positions and look to be sponsored ultimately for permanent residence if possible.  They are an asset for any company.



Putting it simply, we are a team of passionate immigration advisors and consultants who will go above and beyond the call of duty to find the right immigration pathway for you. We have the expertise and knowledge from many years of experience in the field and work together as a united force to bring you strategies that others may not have been able to suggest to you, nor had the inclination to do so. We think outside the box and are always determined to find a solution for you. In short, we bring hope and clarity to the challenges you present to us. We believe that there is a positive in every negative situation and alongside our aspirations lies a foundation of structure and process to equip you with the means to get things done on time with utmost care and accuracy.

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Migration Master Plan

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