Founded by Melanie Macfarlane in 2007, MMMigration & Recruitment has been committed to supporting and enabling migrants to gain permanent residence in Australia for over 15 years.    

Helping people to achieve their potential and contributing to the creation of a unified world has always been our priority. From students, individuals, and families to small businesses and large-scale corporations, we’ve used our unique approach to migration to support more than ten thousand clients over the years.    

With offices in ten cities across Australia, Colombia, Mexico, and Chile the first question that we could ask Melanie was what was her inspiration behind launching and integrating MMRecruitment into an already existing successful migration agency?   

Her answer was simple and in line with everything our company aims to provide to our clients: “We want to offer a holistic service, not one that takes into account only one dimension of migration. We aim to provide individuals and their families with a pathway best suited for their needs and qualifications that would ensure your ability to gain Permanent Residency and equip individuals with the support required to migrate to a new country.”   

Well-being is something Melanie is highly passionate about; every Monday, we focus on providing the support our followers would require as migrants or aspiring migrants through posts focused on holistic wellbeing.  

So, what is next for MMMigration and Recruitment and the immigration industry?   

Stay tuned and follow our LinkedIn page for Melanie’s interview, where she gives us her insights on the migration and recruitment industry, tips, and aspirations for the future! 

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