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Roadhouse Cook

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Required Skills:

Job Description


  • Ensuring meals are prepared in a professional
  • Implementation of kitchen training manual and food handling
  • Overall efficient running of the kitchen
  • Purchasing/ordering stock and specialty items.

Hours of Work:

Full-time 38 hours per week (Plus reasonable additional overtime)


Main Duties:

  • Responsible for preparation, cooking and presentation of all food items within the kitchen.
  • Responsible for the overall cleanliness and presentation of the kitchen.
  • Requisition, storage and control of stock.
  • Care and maintenance of equipment.
  • Supervision, training and development of other kitchen employees.
  • Ensure compliance with workplace health and safety practices.
  • Assisting in the development of marketing strategies.
  • Liaising with stock controller on food quality and portion control issues
  • Responsible for the daily operation of the kitchen.
  • Practicing proper workplace health and safety procedures.
  • Other incidental and peripheral duties as requested by the employer.
  • License required to procure specialty food items from specialty stores as required.
  • Comply with the employer’s Policies and Procedures (as may be varied from time to time)