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Panel Beater – NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC, SA

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Required Skills:

Job Description


• Follow all safety policies and procedures. Ensure appropriate PPE is worn at all times.

• Immediately report any safety incident or near miss to either the Production Manager or Centre Manager

• Clock on and off each day to reflect attendance and ensure always clocked onto a job or task

• If required receive parts – check correct and not damaged

• Disassemble vehicle as per Job Sheet • Label parts and store accordingly (5s)

• Notate broken parts/extra repairs and submit to Estimator. Ensure authorised before proceeding with additional work • Double check new parts are correct and not damaged. If not, advise Parts Manager/Production Manager

• Repair vehicle as per the Repair Method and in accordance with Estimate/Job Sheet • If required, prep vehicle as per Job Sheet requirements following paint supplier’s SOP

• If required, prime vehicle as per Job Sheet requirements following paint supplier’s SOP

• Reassemble vehicle as per Job Sheet

• Handle all vehicles with due care and attention.

• Ensure appropriate usage of consumables and materials are used to avoid wastage.

• Ensure your work complies with AMA’s QA standards and sign the QA Sheet to confirm you have checked your work and it meets AMA standards.

• As required clean workbay/workshop • Handle all company tools and equipment with due care and attention ensuring they remain safe, clean and in a workable condition.

• Coach apprentice (if assigned as a coach) • Undertake all lawful and reasonable requests by management. Selection Criteria:

• Trade qualified Panel Beater

• Ability to meet strict deadlines • Excellent communication skills • A willingness to learn • A strong work ethic • An attention to detail

• Able to work effectively and collaboratively with the team • Be reliable, punctual & hardworking
Physical Demands:

• Constant, repetitive hand function and grip

Position Description

• Frequent standing, walking, sitting, forward bent posture, forward reach, squatting, kneeling, static neck postures, trunk twisting, waist to shoulder lifting up to 5 kg, and carrying up to 5 kg

• Occasional lying, overhead reach, crawling and foot movement, floor to waist lifting up to 26 kg, waist to shoulder lifting up to 10kg, overhead lifting up to 8 kg, carrying up to 26 kg, pushing and pulling

• Rare dynamic neck movement, step climbing and other climbing, floor to waist lifting up to 100 kg (3-person lift), overhead lifting up to 10 kg and carrying up to 100 kg (3person lift)