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Educator – Sydney

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Job Description

Reporting to:                          Management Team, Lead Educator of the room

Hours:                                     The role could be either full time or part time (min 3 days per week – Tue to Thur or Tue to Friday).

Location:                                Warriewood



Purpose of Position:

The purpose of the Educator role is to ensure the care and education of the children and to support their families.. And to ensure that  centre’s policies and procedures, as well as the standards of Accreditation, Child Care Regulations and the Children Services Award are maintain compliance during all centre activities.  .




  • Ensure positive role modelling to casuals and trainees who enter the centre which will be reflected in both your clear, respectful communication and your above standard practices.
  • Through your respectful and clear communication you will create an environment of open communication between yourself and other educators, the children and their families. You will listen to their needs and support or assist where appropriate and if you feel that their needs extend beyond your professional knowledge you will consult with a member of the Management Team to seek advice.
  • Participate in meetings, conferences, and training courses.
  • As directed by the Management Team,, support trainees and assist them to grow in their careers and within the centre.
  • Ensure you have acknowledged all centres’ policies and procedures and that they are maintained and implemented to meet regulatory standards.
  • Ensure that you maintain all room records including incident reports in line with centres’ policies and procedures and regulatory standards. All documentation is correctly and accurately recorded to eliminate any misrepresentation ensuring children’s needs/routines/health and so forth are accounted for..
  • Ensure all children are accounted for daily.
  • Liaise with other agencies and organisation that may enter the centre related to any child related issues.
  • Implement recommendations from centre’ Inclusion Support Educator and a child’s treating professional, this may include therapist, pediatrician, psychologist into the room’s routine and/or program to ensure the child’s needs are being met.
  • Regarding a grievance you may have with another staff member – please address this concern directly with that staff member in a respectful, open manner that is conducive to finding common ground and ultimately a resolution. Do this at a time that will not impact the safety and/or supervision of the children.
  • If you need advice/support on how to address the other staff member please seek this support from the Lead Educator in your room at a time that does not impact the safety and/or supervision of children.

Customer Service

  • Go above and beyond in assisting families on all queries, big or small and if you can not assist, direct them to a member of the Management Team.
  • Be available to listen to problems of caregivers and make every effort to assist, if it is within your professional capacity, if not document and communicate any issue to a member of the Management Team and let the caregiver know that a member of the Management Team will be in contact with them.
  • Acknowledge all caregivers at drop offs/pickups and orientations to create a friendly, approachable, open-door environment.
  • Ensure to provide a welcome and warm environment to all fellow staff members, agencies and any person who enters the centre.
  • Ensure that all complaints are dealt with professionally, respectfully and empathetically and are shared with a member of the Management Team to collaboratively deal with any issues that may arise.


Childcare and Education

  • Contribute to the development and/or evaluation of the programme based on your knowledge of the children’s needs, interests and developmental stage.
  • Supervise and engage in activities with children during the day which reflect the children’s interests, needs and developmental stage..
  • Positively interact with all children, nurturing their confidence and self-esteem giving each child individual attention and comfort throughout the day based on their needs.
  • In consultation with the room leader and Educational Leader assist in planning for the ongoing development of each individual child.
  • Ensure that up to date accurate observations for each of your key children, these will include jottings related to their individual goals and general jottings that are reflective of their developmental milestones. These jottings will be dated and specific and will be used to form an informative holistic picture of every child.
  • Ensure that you use your observations to inform all educational requirements for your key children e.g. Educational Summaries and Developmental Checklists and that these educational requirements are completed on time and are a true reflection of a child’s developmental stage and ability
  • Assist in the implementation of a consistent daily routine for the children; communicating with fellow team members to ensure all facets of the routine are maintained and implemented.
  • Maintain a clean and healthy environment for all children at all times.
  • Maintain supervision of all children at all times – when delegated to supervise a specific area in the outdoor and/or indoor space you will do so by engaging children in this space and move with them if they move from this area communicating such movements to your fellow team members to ensure safety is maintained at all times.
  • When supervising in the outdoor space you are required to wear a Lanyard which reflects the area you are supervising. If you need to move from this area and there is no educator to replace you, you must enforce this area as an “Out of Bounds” area until you return. Communicate this to your fellow team members. Communicate with caregivers as delegated by the Lead Educator or a member of the Management Team


General adhoc duties:

  • Maintain sound knowledge of safe sleep practices and implement and model these at all times.
  • Use safe lifting practices of children and indoor/outdoor equipment when required.
  • Adhere to mikids’ policies and procedures, the Child Care Award and Child Care Regulations at all times.
  • Perform incidental administrative duties as required eg. ensuring accurate recording of Working Directly With Children register
  • At all times, the rooms are to be kept clean and tidy, at the end of each day rooms are to be fully packed away. Discuss with your Lead Educator what the coordination of the end of day pack away will be, to ensure children are included in the process and supervision is maintained.
  • Ensure that all information is kept confidential, unless otherwise advised.
  • Ensure that all Occupational Health and Safety requirements for centre are met within the team. Report any workplace hazards to a member of the Management Team as you see them and support the company in its endeavour to provide a safe workplace.
  • Represent centre in a positive manner expounding the values, ethics and pride at all times.
  • Complete to the best of your ability any additional tasks within reason as provided by the Management Team.