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Educator (Level 3) – Perth (WA)

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Job Description


Position Title: Educator (Level 3)

Department: Service


Reports to: Service Manager/2IC




The Educator is committed to the provision of an integrated early childhood service encompassing

the care and education of young children. The Educator works as an active member of a multi-disciplinary team to ensure a quality service that is responsive to

the needs of the families and children at the service.




 Assist with the preparation, implementation and evaluation of a developmentally and

culturally appropriate program for children aged from 0 to 6 years. Be guided by the Early

Years Learning Framework (or approved framework).

 Assist in documenting observations of individual and/or groups of children for educational

program purposes.

 Undertake and implement the requirements of National Quality Standards, Law and


 Develop an awareness of the health & safety of the children in care and respond

accordingly and within the guidelines of Service policies.

 Give each child individual attention and comfort as required and ensure positive

relationships are formed with all children and families.

 Work in accordance with food safety regulations and the Services food safe program.

 Be responsible for some food preparation, washing and cleaning.

 Communicate effectively with the Service Manager; educators and parents to ensure

delivery of high quality child care service.

 To implement the Service’s policies and procedures to a high standard at all times.




 To openly communicate with the Service Manager and employees and report any

challenges to the Service Manager.

 To ensure that all duties are performed at a high professional standard.

 To ensure that any special dietary requirements of the children are respected and


 To support parents in their parenting role by listening to and respecting parent requests

that relate to health, culture or personal preferences.

 To support parents in their parenting role by providing relevant information to support

them in making decisions.

 To be aware of the needs of colleagues and to support them in the educational program

and assist in conflict resolution whenever required.

 To engage in professional development to maintain currency in ‘best practice’ for the

service’s educational program.

 To attend educator forums and/or professional development meetings.

 To be an advocate for the Service.







 Documents observations of the children.

 Assists with the center’s documentation of individual and group assessments, and planning

as required.

 Works within the guidelines of the Education and Care Services National Law

and Regulations.

 Pro-actively assists with the implementation of a quality educational program for the

children that will enhance children’s learning and development.

 Actively supervises children at all times whilst on duty at the Service.

 Assists with the day-to-day intentions of the educational program and be responsive to

children’s interests and needs.

 Assists with the children’s daily care routines.

 Works professionally with children with additional needs under the direction of other

qualified educators and/or professionals.

 Offers guidance, and assist other educators, particularly relief educators who are

unfamiliar with the room and how it operates.

 Participates in any additional Service events, which may from time to time be in the

evening or on a weekend i.e.: parent information nights, parent events, and Christmas


 With other educators share the household tasks of preparation, hygiene, safety, and

packing away as related to the daily program.

 Maintain and implement all work safe practices and procedures as described in the

centers Health & safety policies & procedures.

 Use safe food handling techniques as outlined in the Service’s Safe Food Program.

 Communicate openly and work co-operatively with Service Manager, Assistant Service

Manager (2IC), lead educator(s), other educators, parents and the children.

 Attend educator forums when scheduled.

 Contribute to any reviews relating to policy and procedure development, NQS quality

improvement and Service philosophy.

 Actively participate in regular coaching meetings and annual educator appraisals.

 Attend to other duties as requested by the Service Manager peripheral to the position.

 Perform all duties of a Children’s Services Employee in a professional manner.




 Certificate III in Children’s Services (or recognized and approved equivalent) or higher.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

 A sound understanding and knowledge of early Childhood Developmental Principles

including the Early Years Learning Framework (or approved framework).

 Excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to communicate effectively with children and




 Current Blue Card/Sustainability Card (or ability to obtain prior to start of employment).

 Current First Aid and CPR.

 Anaphylaxis and Asthma

Management certificate (preferred).






As part of this role, please note the following physical demands:

 Service Manager

 Educators/Teachers

 Parents and Children

 Community Stakeholders

 All government departments

 Early childhood peak bodies


As part of this role, please note the following demands:


 General childcare service based activities including walking around the service and during

excursions, standing, reaching, bending and lifting (up to 10kg) as part of daily childcare