If you’re a business owner, think about your company. What does it need to compete in the modern COVID era market? More manpower behind it? Harder workers? People who are skilled in their position and seeking to fit into their role as quickly as possible? Because if you sponsor someone from overseas within your company, you’ll be able to route out all of these questions and get the results you want from the modern workforce. 

Migrants have generally shown themselves to be hard working, committed, diligent, and creative individuals. Hiring them in your company brings new ideas, languages and cultures onto the table and into your workforce, combined with a series of great attitudes and true dedication. 

Some employers would even go as far as to say that migrants work harder than the Australians they could hire. Natural citizens tend to have grown up with more privilege, and are less motivated to move ahead in their careers; they have everything already set out on a plate for them, meaning they don’t have to reach far to achieve success in the areas of life they really want to. 

In general, migrants tend to work harder in order to fit in and adapt to the culture of the workplace they find themselves in, and are much more flexible in their roles. They aim high, are naturally ambitious and want to succeed. All in all, you should be asking yourself, ‘Why wouldn’t I sponsor someone from overseas?’ 

The reality is that not all roles can be filled by Australians in today’s economy, despite COVID-19. 

There are ongoing skills shortages in multiple areas. Even positions such as Restaurant Managers and Marketing Specialists have been in demand, as evidenced by last year’s decision of the NSW state migration department to open up the occupation list, to include these positions on the list of employer sponsored visas that lead to Permanent Residence through state nomination.  Certainly, October’s federal budget may see a change to the skilled occupation lists, and states may well be reviewing their own currently in light of COVID and job losses amongst Australians, however there is clear evidence to show that to rebuild the Australian economy, immigration is an important factor.  Many who are currently sponsored in occupations such as those above within Australia are seeking to remain permanently and are already well adjusted to and settled in Australian society, contributing positively to our economy.  

Australians also tend to travel overseas, leading to a gap in the market. 

The world’s borders will not be closed forever.  When they open, it will be game on. We live in a global marketplace these days, and many companies and countries tend to compete for skills worldwide. This means even Australians seek opportunities in other countries, and deplete the country they were born in of local skill sets. Indeed, there is a recognised war on global talent that employee sponsorship can help to fight. 

Add to this the Australian government’s big plans for regional skilled migration, and states such as NT, SA and Tasmania pushing to populate with international students and migrants from overseas. These programs aim to grow the regional areas. Hardy migrants are often the only ones able to face the prevailing and inconsistent hardships of infrastructure systems that are still being built in these areas. 

Of course, the new 494 regional employer sponsored visa is a 5 year temporary visa, that transforms into PR after 3 years. It’s a way to retain staff members. But keep in mind employee exploitation; severe consequences will apply.

MMMigration & Recruitment  works to find the perfect employee for your company, in order to empower your transformational journey. We have developed a unique platform that matches the candidate for the job. We will also look after the entire migration process, so you don’t have to think about the details and can focus on growing your business! 

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