The definition of what makes a good migration agent is changing. In the past, accuracy, expertise, knowledge of the law, and excellent customer service were all critical. But with the political and technological complexities of the modern world, particularly in light of COVID-19, the remit of the role is expanding. It’s not just about people skills anymore – it’s about strategic expertise too. 

Being a migration agent requires more than merely following a process. Those in the industry must also be sufficiently agile to accommodate the dramatic changes occurring on the geopolitical and cultural level. Agents need to stay up to date with the latest trends as immigration rules and client expectations evolve. 

Migration is a hot topic in the broader culture, increasingly in a COVID era. The rise of nationalist sentiment and the decay of globalism is leading inexorably to the curtailment of mass migration. Agents who are conscious of the changes on a macro scale will be in a better position to provide sound advice to their clients on a micro-level. Migration agents need to become students of political developments if they want to enable fruitful visa applications on behalf of their clients. Membership of bodies such as the Migration Institute of Australia and continuing professional development are both critical here. 

Migration agents who want long-term success also need to manage all stakeholders effectively. On the one hand, they must develop cordial and productive working relationships with the Department of Home Affairs, and, on the other, robustly represent the needs of their clients and the industry to which they belong. Connection with and understanding the needs of industry and employers is paramount. 

Passion for your field is important because your resilience and tolerance for stress will be tested throughout your career.  It is important to be able to convey hope to your clients despite the never-ending changes and insecurity and a sense of possibilities and options no matter what.  Whilst it is important to be honest and realistic, quite often with the right attitude you can find strategies for your clients that no one else has bothered to seek out.  

In a world like this, even the best agents will suffer setbacks. Those that can focus on the positives and learn from the negatives, however, will be the ones who succeed. 

Teamwork is essential.  Immigration law is constantly shifting and changing and it is essential to have more than one pair of expert eyes on any application.  Immigration agents need to have their own ongoing training within their business to ensure they are all keeping up to date. 

MMMigration & Recruitment is proud to be working as a team across all cases, ensuring all applications are tripled checked before submitting. Our team of experts will do everything within our power to find a solution to your case. We are proud to have a 99% visa approval rate.

Due to COVID – 19 crisis, to support our community of Migrants at this time, we have been offering special fees for certain services including consultations. This offer is due to end soon. Please contact us to speak to our Migration Coordinator and have your questions about booking a consultation answered. You can also make a direct booking via this link:

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