Changes to partner visas were approved in parliament on November 2018, but they have yet to come into effect. This means that the Australian sponsor has to apply for approval prior to the visa applicant being able to apply for their own visa. If their visa is about to expire, they won’t be able to go straight onto a Bridging visa associated with the partner visa. Instead, they’ll need to apply for another visa if they wish to stay in Australia with their partner.

If they plan to apply for a student visa then it’s important to be mindful of the Genuine Temporary Entry requirement. If you have a student visa that is still valid when you apply for a partner visa, be aware that you need to be studying at the time to maintain the conditions of the visa. If these conditions cannot be met, then the visa application will be cancelled and you’ll need to apply for a Bridging visa E to remain in Australia lawfully with no work or travel rights. Once you do apply for a partner visa, you can then apply for Medicare in Australia.

When applying for a partner visa, be careful of what you put on social media. Your visa processing officer will likely look at your Facebook account and other social media platforms to look for evidence of your relationship. If there is a lack of evidence, this could lead to a refusal of your application. If you and your partner have not lived together for 12 months but you still want to apply for a partner visa, it may be possible if you hold a relationship certificate. 

Contributory Parent Visa

A Contributory parent visa is for holders of permanent residence or citizenship who wish to bring their parent(s) to Australia. To do this, you must pass a balance of family test. This means that half of your siblings must have permanent residence or citizenship in Australia as well unless you are the only child.

This is an offshore application so the parent(s) must be outside of Australia when applying. There is no Bridging visa granted with this application. It can be an expensive visa to apply for and one family member must be elected as a sponsor. 

Parent Visa Temporary (870 Visa)

An 870 visa is for permanent residents or citizens of Australia to sponsor their parents to live in Australia for a temporary period between 3 to 5 years. There is no balance of family test but the average household income needs to be above $84,000. It costs $5,000 for a 3-year visa and $10,000 for a 5-year visa.

There are no work rights with this visa but the parents can stay for the entire period of time in Australia without having to leave the country as per an ordinary tourist visa. 

Child Visa

A child visa is for a dependent child of a permanent resident or Australian citizen to also apply for permanent residence in Australia. The maximum age of the candidate is 23 years and the applicant must demonstrate that they are wholly dependent on their parent(s) for food, accommodation and studies.

For instance, a child of the age of 22 must show they are studying in their home country and that they are receiving monetary support from their parent(s) in Australia to support living and study expenses.

We want to ensure you and your family can stay together in Australia and will help you find the best possible solutions! 

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